Life is Better Lived Outdoors

Life is better lived outdoors

Our youngest generation has grown up with more technology and media than ever before. And while watching Encanto on Disney+ and playing Spider-Man on the PS5 is undoubtedly fun (and a nice break for you!), it’s great to let kids rediscover imaginative outdoor play. Getting kids playing outside gets them doing what kids do best: exploring, getting messy, having adventures and, most of all, having lots of fun!

Raising the “Wild Child”

Children naturally touch everything they can get their hands on, and love to move around - if only we all had those levels of energy! Pair that childlike sense of wonder with an outdoor setting and you’ll have yourself a wild child: a happier, wiser little human who recognises the beauty and fun to be found in nature.

The reality is that not all learning, skill-building, or emotional development happens in the classroom. In fact, that loud, messy, self-directed play that you can see in schoolyards and on play dates is also developing life skills like curiosity, resilience, leadership, resourcefulness and creativity.

We like to say that the outdoors is the world’s greatest classroom. The lack of technology and toys stimulates kids to think outside the box, using their creativity and imagination to keep themselves entertained. Raising your children to grow up aware of and connected to the world around them is as simple as encouraging outdoor exploration and making a conscious effort to create little adventures for your kids. Set aside dedicated “outdoor hours”, have a few play ideas in mind if your kids get stuck, and enjoy watching your children rediscover the world.

Adventure & Playtime Ideas

Stuck on ideas for weekend adventures or around-the-farm playtime? Here are some of our favourite kid-friendly outdoor activities! Visit a playground, community park or garden if you’re a city-dweller, turn the kids loose on the farm, or go on a short drive to your nearest national park or beach to make the most of these ideas.

  • Showing your kids how to make daisy chains and grass whistles
  • Going on a bug hunt to find as many different bugs and insects as possible
  • Panning for gold in creeks and riverbeds
  • Skipping stones on a pond or lake
  • Climbing trees
  • Teaching your kids map reading and compass skills
  • Making decorative hiking sticks for your next family hike
  • Attracting birds and lizards to your garden by making bird feeders and lizard dens
  • Giving your kids their own small plot in your garden for them to grow their favourite flowers or vegetables (tip: green beans, carrots, potatoes and cherry tomatoes are very easy to grow)
  • Hosting an outdoor photography competition, with categories like “Most Interesting Cloud”, “Biggest Bug” and “Most Unique Find”
  • Setting up a tent for backyard camping - or going on a real camping trip
  • Making holiday ornaments from pine cones, fallen leaves, painted rocks, etc.
  • Teaching your kids to fish
  • Exploring tide pools
  • Making a worm farm to recycle your kitchen food scraps into compost for the veggie patch or flower garden
  • Taking the kids on your next hunt, getting them to help you spot/glass with your binos and to help you field dress your kill
  • Creating an outdoor obstacle course
  • Stargazing and cloud watching
  • Teaching your kids wilderness survival skills, like how to make a fire, create a shelter, forage for food and give basic first aid

Tough Gear for Tough Kids

Ridgeline’s latest kids’ range is focused on helping kids experience outdoor play to the fullest. Deck them out in this rugged, easy-care gear so they can enjoy a childhood full of dirt, mud, puddles, sticks and imagination! It’s perfect for round-the-farm chores and playtime, or outdoor adventures like the ideas above.