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Monthly Archives: March 2023

  1. Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Smart hunters prepare a full checklist prior to any hunt.  This will help to avoid forgetting any important items, which could easily bring your hunt to an unfortunate end! Leading into the busiest time of the hunting season, it's important that your hunting boots have been properly worn in before you start hunting in them.

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  2. Get Geared Up for the Rut

    Get Geared Up for the Rut
    The year is under way and the rut is fast approaching. Whether you’re new to big game hunting and looking for a full kit out, or you’re a seasoned pro in need of a few gear upgrades, Ridgeline have your back with our Head to Toe recommendations. Here’s all the gear you’ll need for a successful hunt.
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  3. How To Wash Camo Clothing

    How To Wash Camo Clothing

    Your camouflage clothing will help you stay hidden on your hunts, but unfortunately it will get dirty just like any other clothes. Here’s how to keep your camo clothing in top-notch condition, so it can keep adding to the success of your hunts!

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