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  1. Introducing Kids to Hunting

    Introducing Kids to Hunting

    Time spent with family out in the wild can be an incredible time to bond and pass down provided pivotal lessons for later in life. Introducing your young ones to hunting and the outdoors can be daunting, so we’ve pulled together a few tips and advice from Ridgeline friends.

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  2. Developing the Ridgeline Kahu Bino Case

    Developing the Ridgeline Kahu Bino Case

    Ridgeline Ambassador Rowan Brady was integral to development of the Ridgeline Kahu bino Harness, so we invited him to tell you himself about the process. Have a read and see what really goes on behind the scenes in product development and why the features are chosen.

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  3. Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Preparing For The Hunt - Checklist

    Smart hunters prepare a full checklist prior to any hunt.  This will help to avoid forgetting any important items, which could easily bring your hunt to an unfortunate end! Leading into the busiest time of the hunting season, it's important that your hunting boots have been properly worn in before you start hunting in them.

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  4. How To Wash Camo Clothing

    How To Wash Camo Clothing

    Your camouflage clothing will help you stay hidden on your hunts, but unfortunately it will get dirty just like any other clothes. Here’s how to keep your camo clothing in top-notch condition, so it can keep adding to the success of your hunts!

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  5. How to Choose the Right Camo for Your Terrain

    How to Choose the Right Camo for Your Terrain

    When it comes to choosing the right camo, you want to focus on your terrain. From everyone’s favourite ‘sticks and leaves’ camo to science-backed unstructured patterns – there’s multiple designs to choose from. Here’s how to choose the right camo for your hunt.

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  6. Wet Weather Outdoor Clothing Essentials

    Wet Weather Essentials Blog Banner

    When you’re venturing outside in rainy weather for ahunt,hikeor farm work, you need to staywarm and dry for optimum comfort and performance.

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  7. Blaze: The Safety Colour

    Blaze: The Safety Colour

    Hunting is an inherently dangerous sport. You’re handling powerful weapons like bows or firearms, and often stalking mammals larger or stronger than you. But the most dangerous part of hunting isn’t the animals: it’s other humans.

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  8. Benefits Of Wool Hunting Clothes

    Benefits Of Wool Hunting Clothes

    Modern wool fabrics are highly technical and absolutely suitable for high-performance sports like hunting. That’s why Ridgeline has developed a line of affordable wool hunting clothes to protect hunters like you in the great outdoors.

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  9. Gear Up For The Rut

    Gear Up For The Rut

    The deer hunting season has kicked off in Australia as the deer begin to rut. This annual mating period is easily the most exciting (and productive) time of the year for deer hunters. Mature bucks will call to and court does, mark out their home range with rubs and scrapes, and clash with other bucks to establish pecking orders and keep their does - sometimes even to the death.

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