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Wet Weather Outdoor Clothing Essentials

When you’re venturing outside in rainy weather for a hunt, hike or farm work, you need to stay warm and dry for optimum comfort and performance.

Lightweight packable rainwear

Pick ultralight, packable rain gear when the weather is changeable or when you’ll be trekkinglong distances in mild temperatures. Performance rain shells like Ridgeline’s Packlite jacket and trousers are designed to fit comfortably over fleece or merino layers with minimal bulk orweight. Boththe jacket and trouserscan be rolled up small and tucked away into your pack until needed. Like any good rain gear, they’re fully seam sealed and water resistant. Look for waterproof: breathable ratings of at least 10,000 WP : 10,000 MVTR to ensure that you’ll staydry from both rain and sweat.The packlite pants feature leg zips for easily getting them on and off over trousers and boots.

Heavy duty rain protection

Cold temperatures outside sap your strength and energy as your body works overtime to keep you warm enough. If you’re headed outdoors on a cold, windy day, your best bet is a heavyduty jacket.  The Monsoon or Mallard jacket are great picks because they’re built to keep you warm and cosy while offering a 10,000 waterproof rating with full seam taping. They’re both made of polyester brushed tricot for soft next-to-skin warmth, with adjustable hoods to keep your head sheltered.

If you want something a little lighter, opt for the Mallard. It’s easy to fold up for backpack storage if the skies clear up and the wind dies down, but has a wind-proof membrane and heavy-duty storm flap zip to keep out the elements when the weather gets wild.

On the other hand, the Monsoon bumps up the waterproof protection with a three-layer membrane that provides a little more breathability (5,000 MVTR as compared to the Mallard’s 3,000 MVTR). That means that it vents sweat better, soaking up any moisture on your skin and allowing it to evaporate into the air. The Monsoon also comes in a classic jacket or an anorak style so you can choose between lighter weight or additional coverage.

High performance all-weather protection

High performance rain jackets are the most essential piece of kit when backpack hunting, as they offer minimum weight with maximum protection. Look for very high waterproof and breathability ratings. The Infinity jacketand Evolution anorak both have a 15,000 WP : 10,000MVTR rating, complete with waterproof zips and windproof membranes.

For more coverage and a more relaxed fit, choose the Evolution anorak. It’s probably thelightest (yet most protective) anorak on the market, and comes with waterproof zipped pockets, including a big bino chest pocket. A drawstring waist, removable hood and Velcro cuffs keepthis anorak customisable to your needs.

The Infinity jacket is even lighter and warmer, with a athletic cut, designed to keep bulk to aminimum. It also offers a whisper-quiet finish for a better approach on your hunts.

Whether you’re looking for something hardcore or ultralight, Ridgeline’s rain jackets will keep you warm, dry and ready for whatever the great outdoors throws your way.