Choosing the right Jacket

Choosing the right Jacket

Gear Guide: Ridgeline Jackets

With a range of jackets on offer, picking the right one for your needs can be confusing. Our guide will help break it down to find the right one for you.

Technical sounding features are great, but what do they even mean? Let’s dig into it:

Waterproof rating – for a truly waterproof jacket, look for 10,000mm (10K +) waterproof rating. These figures indicate the amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand i.e. a 10K jacket could withstand a 10metre column of water bearing down before it leaks.

Breathability - this is how well the fabric can let out the moisture vapour trapped inside to keep you dry and warm. It's often measured as an MVTR number.

MVTR – Moisture vapor transition rate is a measurement of how much water vapour can pass through a square metre of the membrane within 24hrs. Like a waterproof rating, the higher the number, the more breathable it is. We recommend an MVTR of 10K+ when you’re going to be hiking around or very active and sweating.

DWR - Durable Water Repellence treated fabric have a coating that makes water droplets bead and roll off rather than soaking through to your skin.

Seam sealed / tape sealed seam - A garment’s seams are its weakest point. Seam sealing or taping prevents water from leaking through them.

3- or 2-Layer Membrane - Jackets are made up of layers of fabric pressed together. 2-layer membranes have exactly that, 2 layers. The first being the outer layer that you can visibly see and faces the elements. This layer is the durable layer and where the DWR coating will sit if there is one, to help bead and repel water away. The second layer is the waterproof layer that will stop the water getting through to your skin. 2-Layer is the most common type of raincoat membrane, but if you’re going to be active and sweat a lot and need some serious rain protection and breathability, a 3-layer membrane will do just that. This works like a 2-layer but has an additional layer of protection to add to its performance and durability.

3M Thinsulate TM lining - A kinder alternative to feathers, 3M™ Thinsulate™ 75% Recycled Featherless Insulation is an innovative material to replace natural down. A loose-fill insulation that is made from a 75% recycled blend, it is designed by scientists to mimic down when dry and be warmer than down when wet. Used in a jacket this means you get epic warmth without the bulk. 

PrimaLoft® duck down blend insulation - a hybrid of PrimaLoft® ultra-fine synthetic fibres and water-repellent duck down. This superior blend absorbs less moisture, retains more warmth when wet, and dries quicker.

Hunting gear should always be three things: durable, quiet and breathable.

Which Ridgeline jacket is best for you?

Jackets made for the rain:

 Waterproof RatingWindproof RatingBreathabilityMembraneCoatingSeams

Infinity Rain Jacket

Our top tier hunting rain jacket designed to withstand heavy continuous rain, strong wind and wet snow. Ultra breathable for when you’re on the move. 

15K15K10K MVTR3-Layer Tape sealed

Packlite Rain Jacket

The perfect lightweight, layer that packs down small enough to always have handy in your bag and pull out for showers as needed. Designed to fit over your other layers.

10K10K10K MVTR C6 DWRTape sealed

Monsoon Jacket

A heavy duty rain jacket and a Ridgeline classic. Durable and hardwearing all rounder.

10K10K5K MVTR3-LayerDWRTape sealed

Spray Jacket

A durable rain jacket for moderate conditions in the bush or every day on the farm.

10K10K2K MVTR2-LayerDWRTape sealed

Jackets designed for insultation when you need warmth

 Waterproof RatingWindproof RatingInsulationCoating

Microtech Puffa

The ultimate insulation layer when hunting, all the warmth without the bulk of typical down filling.

10K 10K3M ThinsulateC6 DWR

Crosscut Puffa

Serious warmth retention and quick drying. Ideal for glassing.

Water ResistantWind resistantPrimaloft Duck Down Blend 

Gale Puffa

Ideal jacket for everyday wear in light but cold conditions.

2K 2K 1000gsm InsulationC6 DWR

Jackets for milder conditions

 Waterproof RatingWindproof RatingBreathabilityCoatingMembraneFleeceSeams

Ascent Softshell Jacket

A soft, warm and breathable jacket loved by Hunters.

5K5K5KC6 DWR2-Layer


Southern Star


Ascent Half Shell Jacket 

This hybrid fleece with softshell upper is great for hunting in light conditions as an outer layer, or the perfect mid-layer. The softshell upper gives some rain protection while the fleece provides warmth.


Chest & shoulders only


Chest & shoulders only


Chest & shoulders only



Southern Star


Mallard Jacket

A Ridgeline classic, this rain jacket is perfect for mild conditions out hunting or general use around the farm.

5K5K3KDWR2-Layer Tape sealed

Perfect all-rounder jacket for everyday use

 Waterproof RatingWindproof RatingBreathabilityMembraneCoatingSeams

Raptor 3 in 1 Jacket

This jacket provides epic value as a soft shell and outer rain jacket that can be worn separately or worn together for warmth, comfort and protection.

2K2K10K MVTR2 LayerDWRTape sealed