Tips For Rain Hunting Apparel

Tips For Rain Hunting Apparel

What’s the best gear for hunting?

Hunting gear should always be three things: durable, quiet and breathable. If there’s a chance of rainfall, it also needs to be waterproof. When searching for hunting rain gear, here are some key points to look out for:

  • DWR - Durable Water Repellency treated fabric makes water droplets bead and roll off rather than soaking through to your skin.
  • WP : MVTR - This is a ratio of waterproofing : breathability ratings that determine how much water pressure the garment can resist, versus how much sweat vapour it allows out. 10,000 waterproofing is ideal.
  • Seam sealed / seam taped - A garment’s seams are its weakest point. Seam sealing or taping prevents water from leaking through them.

Our picks for this season’s rain gear are the men’s Monsoon Anorak and the women’s Kea Jacket. Both are made from sturdy polyester with DWR treatment, seam sealing, and 10,000 WP : 5,000 MVTR ratings. Plus, their hoods prevent drips from sneaking into your collar.

Why is rain gear a hunting essential?

Hunting doesn’t stop when the skies start to rain down. And depending on the game you’re hunting, you might be stalking through some very wet terrain. Good rain gear is essential to keep yourself dry, warm and focused on your hunt rather than the weather conditions.

How do you care for rain gear?

All waterproof fabrics and DWR treatments lose effectiveness over time. Don’t worry: you can easily revitalise them!

First, wash your garments to get rid of the sweat, body oils and dirt that have built up on the fabric, impairing its waterproof performance. Close all zips and flaps, check the garment’s care instructions, and don’t use powder detergents, fabric softeners, or stain removers. These can all damage performance fabrics and clog their micro-pores. Try a specialist product like Grangers Performance Wash or Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner.

Next, reactivate the DWR treatment with heat. Once the garment has air dried, pop it in the tumble dryer for 20 minutes on a warm, gentle cycle. Alternatively, use a specialist gear waterproofing treatment like NikWax TX.Direct Wash-In or Grangers Performance Repel Spray.